Report available on the business opportunities in Iran!

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After a year of hard, dedicated work, the International Business report for Iran 2017/2018 is finally here! 

The Iran project team has consisted of Bojan Celise Farag, Shahab Sabet, Lorelei Wong, Per Olav Collin, Heidi Ludvigsen, Daniel Aghajani, Bjarte Abrahamsen, Enja Nyholt, Dariush Ubaydi, Arianit Pllana, Dina Fjærvoll Saltvik and Maggie Yang.

A big thanks to our sponsor Shakori, the three universities The Norwegian School of EconomicsHandelshøyskolen BI and NTNU, and last but not least, Innovation Norway! This project would not have been possible without your support!

Click here to access the report: Online viewDownload