International Business Project 2020

Are you passionate about international business? Do you want to help Norwegian companies gain insight into emerging markets? Are you eager to get work relevant experience? Are you a good team player? Do you attend either NTNU, BI or NHH? Then you should apply to join the 2020 team!

International Business Project is an annual non-profit project carried out by a group of students attending the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and BI Norwegian Business School, that aims to uncover distinctive international business opportunities in emerging markets. By being a part of the International Business project, you get to participate in enhancing the Norwegian business world’s knowledge of emerging markets’ opportunities and challenges and therefore potentially bettering the relationship between Norway and developing countries. In doing so, you will work closely together with Innovation Norway and an interdisciplinary and multicultural team of value-driven and talented students. As a team member taking part in this challenging experience doing research over the year, you will learn more about the conditions and dynamics in developing markets and in addition what the business world is interested in when entering a new and quite undiscovered market, you will gain first-hand experience from the project country, and you will be connected with many interesting business people in both Norway and other countries. In short, this project offers a great opportunity to learn, grow and progress both professionally and as a person, something that’s highly valuable moving into the working world.

What do we expect from you? Everyone taking part in the International Business (IB) project will participate throughout the whole project period, doing research, visiting the chosen country, talking to relevant people, writing and finalizing the report, and working together as a team. Each team member will also have a specific role with different responsibilities.


Why should you apply? 


  • Build a valuable network by connecting with interesting business people both in Norway and in other countries

  • Work together with other students and learn from each other, develop your cooperation skills and enjoy succeeding together
  • Learn about the conditions and dynamics in developing markets, and what companies are interested in when entering a new market

  • Gain first-hand experience from the project country and contribute to increased knowledge of a “new” country amongst Norwegian companies

This year's team will choose a project country based on this list of suggestions from Innovation Norway.

Read more about the roles  here.



How do you apply?

Applications open in the spring of 2020.