The first days of our Adventure in Morocco!

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We arrived in Marrakech on the evening of 4th of January, and had the pleasure of exploring this vibrant city through our beautiful “Riad” in the Medina – the old town. Positioned in walking-distance from the city centre, we could experience Marrakech with all senses: Colourful spices, carpets and world famous cuisine. To all the foodies out there, you should definitely check out Marrakech for your next adventure!

spices in Marrakech

While being in Marrakech, we had the honour of visiting the solar plant in Ouarzazate, a four hour drive through the scenic Atlas Mountains southeast of Marrakech. The plant, named NOOR (from the Arabic word for “light”) is to become the world’s largest CSP-plant (concentrated solar power), providing more than 1 million people with electricity by its completion of all four stages in 2018.


During our visit, we received a guided tour of the NOOR 1, the first stage of the solar plant which was inaugurated in February 2016. Our guide, who was one of the most experienced engineers of the site, told us how the plant is to be composed of three different types of technology once finished, with suppliers from different parts of the world. After getting a closer look at both the panels and the control room, we drove in to Ouarzazate to enjoy a tasty Moroccan speciality – tajine. After consuming vast amounts of couscous, lamb, figs and dromedary (!), we returned to Marrakech. The day became a perfect start to our fieldwork adventure here in Morrocco!

Farvel comity in Marrakech

After a cultural and technological start in Marrakech, we drove to Rabat on the 8th of January, where we will stay for the next week. Here we’ll visit the Norwegian Embassy and the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN) as well as perform a site-visit of a blueberry plantation.