This year's project is carried out by a group of eight students attending NTNU, NHH, and BI.

Eline Langedrag Eilerås

Project Manager

M.Sc Leadership and Change, BI Norwegian Business School

+ 47 915 70 722 

Eline is currently finishing her last year of an MSc in Business with a major in Leadership and Change at BI Norwegian Business School. Prior to her master, she worked full-time as a forwarder in a Shipping and Logistics company. Eline has international experience from China and Tanzania from elected courses at BI and exchange to Nicaragua. After her study, she aims to use her experiences to create positive organizational change and increase focus on sustainability. 

Himal Gautam

Assistant Project Manager

M.Sc Finance, BI Norwegian Business School 

+47 413 88 866

Himal has been involved in leveraging technology to tackle fundamental business issues in marketing and brand development in Nepal for over five years. Having worked primarily in strategy and marketing prior to moving to Oslo, he is currently pursuing an MSc in Finance at BI Norwegian Business School. A firm believer in cross-functional and cross-cultural collaboration, he intends to develop a career in helping businesses grow.

Zahid Ali

Chief Editor

M.Sc International Business and Marketing, NTNU

+47 413 29 143

Zahid is currently enrolled at MSc in International Business and Marketing, NTNU Ålesund. As a part of his Bachelor’s degree, he undertook work placements in different non-governmental organizations like World Wildlife Fund and Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, Pakistan. After his graduation, he is optimistic to learn more and grow professionally in an organization that takes pride in nurturing young individuals by providing them with an environment that promotes out -of -box thinking.

Sardar Wasi Uddin Al Ahmed

Head of Finance

M.Sc Innovation and Entrepreneurship, NTNU 

+47 925 34 703

Wasi is currently finishing his last year of an MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, NTNU Ålesund. Besides, he is also working as a research assistant in his department.  Before that, he completed his bachelor in Finance from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. After that, he worked as a finance manager in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Foundation, UK. After finishing his MSc in 2020, Wasi aims to do his Ph.D. on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Katrin Havnes

Head of PR & Communications / Investor Relations

B.Sc Business Administration, NTNU 

+47 46964684


Katrin is a Norwegian/German student currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Business Administration at the NTNU Business School, specializing in organizational change. She went on exchange to Berlin during her fourth semester. After her finished bachelor, she is aiming to start her Master of Science next fall. 

Alexandra Vardinoyannis

Investor Relations

B.Sc Business Administration, BI Norwegian Business School 

+ 47 930 72 703


Alexandra is a Norwegian/Greek student currently in her third year of the Business Administration program at BI, specializing in Shipping Management. Prior to her studies, she traveled for a year and worked part-time. After graduating from BI, she plans to work within shipping and trading before enrolling in a master's program.


Lucas Bjørke Francois
Investor Relations

MSc, Economics and Administration, major Business Analytics, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) 

+47 996 88 897

Lucas is a French/Norwegian student in his first year of MSc in Economics and Administration and is specializing himself in Business Analytics. Because he is very eager to interact with people with foreign backgrounds, he has been very active in international student organizations at his school. After his studies, he aims at using his acquired knowledge in business analytics to help businesses going through the fourth industrial revolution to achieve growth and higher profitability, as well as helping them shifting toward more sustainable models.