The different roles of the project are all filled by the students, with the main responsibilities for areas such as finance, sponsorships, public relations, human resources and research divided within the team. Still, it is the team as a whole that in the end is responsible for the fulfillment of the project, which means that this project is a challenging yet rewarding experience with teamwork. 


//Project Manager

Responsible for having the overview of the project, and therefore plans the meetings for the group, knows always what’s going on and is the #1 contact person with Innovation Norway to know that the project does what is expected. Takes the lead in meetings, and is the project’s «face». He/she will also be responsible for taking extra responsibility if someone in the team will not be able to do their task as planned due to i.e illness.


//Assistant Manager

Stepping in for the Manager when he/she is not available. Takes notes during meetings and keeps the overview together with the manager. Have this year had the responsibility to be the contact person for the business world; i.e UN and Innovation Norway.


//Chief Editor 

Responsible for putting the pieces of the research project together at the end. He or she will be in touch with external graphic designers for the report to look professional in the end (if the project does not have its own designer).

//Head of Finances 

In charge of the project’s finances. There are many investors and interested business people who support the project for it to be of top quality. These funds must be utilized in the most proper and beneficial way.

//Head of Investor Relations

The job to get investors is a big and highly important job for the project to run smoothly and for the group to be able to visit the country of interest!

//Head of International Relations

When visiting the respective country there are many people to be in touch with, in order for the visit to be prosperous, and for the group to truly gain the experience and knowledge wanted. These people are anything from politicians to business people. It is highly beneficial for this person to speak the local language, and at least have some prior experience from the country/area.


//Head of PR and Communications

For the project to truly have an impact and a value for externals, social media and direct contact with media is highly important for IB to be seen and appreciated. This person takes charge of the website, Facebook site, Instagram, and is free to expand the presence of IB on the internet and elsewhere. There are plenty of opportunities for arranging events and personally participate in others’ events. 


//Travel Coordinator

For the visit to the respective country to be efficient, both time and money-wise, there must be someone with experience from traveling to plan and arrange the visit making the time schedule as well as finding accommodation and best travel opportunities. 


//Head of Research

This task is highly important for the project’s task,- to write a great report - to be executed in a professional way with excellence. This person knows what is needed at any time for the research to be conducted in the best possible way. He/she also knows what is going on in the country at any time, and is responsible to keep everyone in the team updated. 


Potential extra roles


//Graphic designer 

Puts the report together in a visually professional and beautiful way. Has a background from graphic design, and can show to prior products.


//Head of HR 

Someone extra in charge of the social environment in the group and potentially arranges a few meet-ups throughout the year for the group to get tied together and gain closer relationships. He or she has regular meetings with the participants to make sure everyone is on the same page and feels like part of a prosperous group.