is a supplier of digital solutions for educational purposes, and their mission is to improve the learning performance for communities, schools and students. 
Their speciality lies in learning analytics and professional learning for the educational sector in Scandinavia. 


In careful collaboration with teachers, educational leaders, researchers and the EdTech industry, Conexus develop tools for: 

·       Student learning beyond 21st key capacities: Deeper learning and progression 

·       Evidence-informed capacity building: Teams, schools, districts and systems 

·       Deeper professional learning: Realizing collective responsibility 


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The Sjøvik Groupoperates an international fishing enterprise from its base in Midsund. Geographically, this puts the company in Norway’s largest and most vital fishing region, as well as at one of the world’s leading fish technology centersThe Sjøvik Group also has operations in Morocco. 


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Premium Sponsor

BAMA is Norway’s leading supplier of fresh fruits, vegetables and freshly squeezed juice and smoothies in. BAMA was founded in 1886, and is one of the oldest, privately owned companies in Norway. With suppliers on all continents, BAMA provides their customers with products from all over the world. To secure their environmental footprint being as small as possible, BAMA has assumed end-to-end responsibility along the value chain, from their suppliers and all the way to their customers.  

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The Blystad Group 
is a Norwegian family company that has a long and proud history in international shipping. They own and operate vessels to the highest standards in oil, chemical, product and heavy lift markets. Read more here.

Institutional Partners

Innovation Norway 
is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Read more here.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is a public research university located in Trondheim. It has the main national responsibility for higher education in engineering and technology. In addition it offers degrees in many other academic disciplines. Read more here.


BI Norwegian Business School  is an internationally recognized not-for-profit private institution, located in Norway. Established in 1943, BI has one of Europe’s largest and most productive academic environments. Read more here.


Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)  was founded in 1936. NHH and affiliated institutes SNF and AFF constitutes the NHH Group, the oldest and largest centre for research and study in the fields of economics and business administration in Norway. Read more here.

Edgar J. Johannessen's fund 
at NHH gives grants to groups who by research, cases or reports can increase the possibilities for new products and ideas, to safeguard the chances for new entrants and solid new employment. Read more here.