We are proud to present NTNU as our partner!

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About NTNU

NTNU is located in Trondheim, Gjøvik, and Ålesund, and is the largest university in Norway, It is Norway's primary institution for educating the nation's future engineers and scientists. The university also has strong programs within, amongst others, social sciences, medicine, architecture, and economics.

Their vision is knowledge for a better world: 
NTNU aims to create the basis for the development of knowledge and to create value – economic, cultural and social. We will make the best possible use of our main profile in science and technology, our academic breadth, and our interdisciplinary expertise to tackle the large and complex challenges faced by Norway and the world community. 
NTNU believes that the IB project has several aspects that qualify for a good innovation project. In cooperation with NTNU, we will be identifying Norwegian companies who are seeking knowledge about the market and contribute to building a network. The project has participants from several of NTNU's faculties, in addition to being an interdisciplinary project between students from NTNU, NHH, and BI.

The results of our project will be announced through a promotion at the university and in media. 
In addition to financial support, the stab for innovation will contribute to consultations and access to networks and available communication platforms.

We appreciate the support and we look forward to furthering collaboration.

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