We are proud to present Innovation Norway as our partner!

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The IB Project was initiated by i.a. The Norwegian Export Council (now Innovation Norway) 35 years ago, and to varying degrees we have been involved in students' projects ever since. Together with last year's IB Project team, the three study sites BI, NTNU, and NHH, we decided to have a clearer framework and structure, as well as a clearer involvement from Innovation Norway and the study sites in this project. Therefore, this year's project has significantly more support and predictability from the aforementioned four supporters.

Innovation Norway, together with the study sites, will follow the process of the student groups from the recruitment, through the project phase, until the final presentation of the report. We see great value in the reports that are written and want to help disseminate this information both through our website and by having the students present the main features of the report in the form of a breakfast meeting for business and industry. Our contribution will be to act as a sparring partner for the project management, to participate in the kickoff, to provide input and wishes to countries we think may be relevant to choose for the project, connect the students with relevant actors and contacts we have, and as mentioned, help to disseminate the information when the report is available, and to a limited extent contribute with some funding.


It is great that students from three different universities work together on such a project. It provides comprehensive learning, and they get an insight into what it takes to run a business internationally. They learn a lot about how to do research, find and talk to relevant stakeholders, how to evaluate and emphasize different information, and how to make their knowledge of the chosen market accessible to a target audience. The students also learn a lot about collaboration, both between themselves and with external stakeholders, as well as about project management and the application of theory in practice. This is a valuable experience they’re taking with them.

The Norwegian business community gains deep insight into market opportunities in countries that have not yet been embraced by exporters, but which could be important future opportunities for Norway. Through the report and presentations, the students will be opening their eyes to new opportunities in markets they up until now have not had their focus on. Therefore, we hope that other actors and the business communities are positive in supporting and helping these students throughout their project!

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